Midwife Appointment Today

Today I had a regular check-up midwife appointment. I met with Bonnie, as my usual midwife, Michelle, is on vacation. She was very nice and the appointment was rather straightforward. First off, my weight (as mentioned) has gone up but she said it was absolutely fine. Easy for her to say. My blood pressure was also good. We listened to Babykins’ heartbeat, which was awesome – it was 138bpm. She also felt for my uterus and said it was a “good size” and showed me with my hand where it was and what I was feeling, which was cool. We have a fetal doppler at home, so we listen to the heartbeat every couple of days, so it wasn’t as exciting as I think she wanted it to be for me, I felt kinda bad and tried to act more amazed than I was.

My next appointment will be around Week 20 just after my ultrasound where they do the full anatomy scan of all the organs and parts to ensure there are no issues. Hopefully all will be clear! I also did the blood work to check for spina bifida and holes in the abdominal wall. I bathed myself in folate/folic acid starting two months before our cycle, so I’m not too worried, but still good to get it checked. Then I got my monthly thyroid blood work done – so far so good on my thyroid which is great. Some people have erratic levels which can impact the pregnancy, but also make you feel like crap.

All in all, not terribly exciting but as the nurse said to me today, every healthy pregnancy is a blessing!


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