14 Weeks Pregnant (+3 days)


Last week went fast! I traveled for work to Toronto (from Seattle) and it felt long but easier than I’d thought it would be. I likely have one more trip there in late March, and then potentially one other work trip, then hopefully I can ‘ground’ myself for the rest of this pregnancy (unless it’s a fun trip for us)!

As of today, I have 179 days to go. I grew up in Pennsylvania where we had a 180 classroom-day school year…so I have the equivalent of a grade of school to go. Yikes! Yet, it’s March! I look at a calendar and August doesn’t seem that far off, the time is going fast. My next midwife appointment is on Friday, March 8th – it’s just the next ‘regular appointment.’ I don’t know what all to expect, but nothing earth-shattering is on the radar. We’re meeting with a different one as my main midwife is on vacation, there are 5 total for us to meet before birth.

I think my belly is officially pregnant-looking. I have gained a few pounds for sure – I think my illness-induced carb-fest wasn’t the best thing, so I’ll be dialing those back now that I’m feeling better. We’ll do our weekly photo later today…and someday, I will share them with you :). I definitely look down and see a protruding belly, and from the side, it’s starting to look more “pregnant” and less “pudgey.” I have been waking up NOT feeling hung-over – what a delight! I still seem to run out of steam sooner than before, but I think the second trimester “energy” may be creeping in finally. I walked a Greenlake double yesterday (~6 miles) and did an hour of fairly strenuous yardwork today! It’s the little things…

We found an excellent consignment shop this weekend! I got a handful of maternity shirts, coupled with the batch my pal Kirsten gave me, and a few goodwill purchases, I’m feeling like I’m pretty well set except for bottoms. I need to get some jeans and a skirt or two for work. Fortunately, no one really “dresses” where I work, plus I work from home a couple days a week, so I will get by with a minimal wardrobe – but the time has definitely come to start thinking about this more! The forgiving jeans I wear the most are starting to leave red lines on me when I take them off, and, I noticed a bit of a muffin top in the dressing room yesterday. Abhorrent! Meanwhile Jill continues to outfit our little man and got another stack of garb for him – some super cute picks!

We get married in 6 weeks! Our focus is on the wedding and being ready for it. We were going to take a trip in March, but cancelled it. Instead, I’m going to take a week off to do stuff for the wedding (and some stuff around the house). After our wedding, and a potential little honeymoon the week after, we will focus on the nursery and other matters for Babykins!

Right now, we have a few theme ideas for the nursery – 1) stars/moon/outer space or 2) animals (jungle). We’re mulling it over. The room is already blue, so it’s staying that way. And I’ve been trolling Craigslist for furniture, though we’ve not found much yet. The other big stuff – furniture, stroller, carseat…overwhelm me! I want a baby consultant to just tell me what to buy. But I’m sure when I focus on it, it won’t be that bad.

Last, we continue to discuss names. It is hard to name a little human! We had to hang out with our cat for a few days before we named him – so we figure it’s fine if we don’t ‘pre-name’ our son before he is born. We have a short list going for the first name – and we know his middle name will mostly likely be Maxwell or Montgomery (Jill was born on Maxwell AFB in Montgomery, AL) and the baby will have my last name. We are open to ideas! Our criteria: No weird “u-neek” spellings; No made-up/fake names; Nothing in the top 100 or “on the rise” names (says Jennifer born in the 70’s, when 1/3 of the girls in my state were named Jennifer); nothing in a foreign language. We want that sweet spot – familiar but not common, different but not weird, normal to say and spell, and nothing he’ll get made fun of for. Go!


4 thoughts on “14 Weeks Pregnant (+3 days)

  1. I like the Maxwell or Montgomery for a middle name. And I am a strong supporter of no strange names because I have seen some really weird ones and kids cannot spell their names. But different is good…..Kane is different. But I can’t think oh any suggestions yet. You also have to check on their initials. I wanted to name Mark David but that would have given him Dam for initials.
    Keep us informed we love that ou send all of this for us.
    Aunt Sandy

    • Thanks Aunt Sandy! Glad you enjoy reading it 🙂 I agree with you on names – I don’t want my kid in a fit of tears because spelling their own name is so hard and makes no sense! There will be no “u-neek” spellings, and most all of our names are familiar but not weird. Or at least we don’t think they’re weird!!

  2. Hey.. just coming here to share the name that I thought of for you – Elliot! I think Elliot Maxwell or Elliot Montgomery both sound great, although I think I prefer Maxwell. Good luck picking a name! We find out our baby’s sex this weekend!!

    • Hey Dawn! Thanks for commenting! So it is funny you bring up Elliot as that has been in our top 3 consistently since the first pass we took at names! Maybe it’s fate! I wouldn’t be surprised if that ends up being it, and I like both middles too – J I think prefers Maxwell more, and it’s a little shorter/easier to say…so we’ll see. The list evolves. It’s hard to name a human!!! Thanks for your input!!!

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