15 Weeks Pregnant (+1 day)


What a week!! So this was the first entire week where I have felt like myself. I got up and went into work Monday-Thursday, had two long days with my whole team for our quarterly business review with our director, and never once lost energy! Even in the 10-hour+ session yesterday, I was engaged – not distracted by the fact that I might fall over at any time. Second trimester, I heart you.

So with that, it’s time to get some things in order. I have officially gained weight – I am up 9 pounds as of this morning, which I’m telling you in order to publicly shame myself. This is way too much for me, since I was not skinny to begin with, and can be directly attributed to the mass carbs I’ve been ingesting for no good reason, other than they are tasty. It’s not like I’m suffering from morning sickness, or having food aversions – it’s simply that I like bagels. And sugar. So, I’m on notice. I cannot gain weight at this pace! Adjusting back to how I should eat – which I don’t mind, I just also like carbs. More veggies, fruit and protein, less of the ‘white stuff’ including bready things and sugar.

Exercise on the other hand has been ok. I am mostly doing 3-mile walks around Greenlake, at least 3x/week – while not exactly hardcore, it’s something and (sadly) feels like real exercise. I would like to get to the gym and just ride the bike for 30 minutes as well a few days a week to actually break a sweat. I’ve also been blowing off yoga for a variety of reasons, mostly being schedule. So back to it now because I love yoga and it’s good for me mentally and physically.

Ok, self-scolding session complete. In other news…

My boobs are huge. Sorry if that is an overshare, but it’s true.  I mean, they were already markedly larger, but this past week they’ve seen quite a growth spurt. Yesterday in my long meeting they were painful, itchy, hot. I had a look at them last night and there is no denying it, they have grown. Again. I know it’s not even close to what they will become, but the new bras I got are started to hit maximum capacity. Some of my regular clothes are simply not fitting now because of my boobs, not my belly at all!! I’d be ok with it if they didn’t hurt to the point of distraction, I mean, they look good, they just don’t feel good!

Well here I am at 15 weeks and I feel a bit proud of myself. I don’t know why, but somehow I feel like I’ve done a good job getting to here and excited to be at the 4-month mark (of 10, technically) next week. I realize I am not the first person to gestate a baby, but I guess when it’s the first time doing this, it does feel pretty momentous!  I can’t wait until I show – while my belly is bigger, two women at work in the restroom said “oh you are not showing at all. that’s not a bump, you just wait – one day it’ll be undeniable…” Then I felt inadequate. I realize I’m one of those who could’ve hid it until 20 weeks or something. But it’s ok. I know Babykins is in there kicking and swirling all around.

Babykins is the size of an orange, though this is somewhat misleading in that he also only weighs 2.5 ounces – so maybe it’s more like a hollowed out navel orange. 🙂


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