12 Weeks Pregnant (+um, 6 days…whoops)


I am very tardy for last Thursday’s post – but I did want to write a little something to reflect on the last week. Finding out we are having a boy was HUGE. I didn’t realize it would overwhelm, consume and fascinate me as it has. I’ve also spent time lamenting the little girl I had conjured up in my mind – not that I’m sad or upset. In early pregnancy, it’s almost like you envision boy/girl twins – you put energy, consciously or not, into your potential little baby boy and your potential little baby girl. So I think I’ve had to spend a little time letting go of our potential little girl, and that is ok, because now our potential little boy is an *actual* little boy!

On Saturday, the day after we found out, Jill wanted to buy him an outfit. So we went to Goodwill and for $30, she got him many, many outfits. The best is a jean jacket with a built in brown hoodie-like-hood, a button down short sleeve collared shirt, with a little sweater vest featuring a dog. Jill will clearly be driving the little dude’s “look.” I’ll admit to being sad that there won’t be a pink explosion…I do love pink! And girl stuff is sickeningly cute. But on the upside, I think him being a boy is a financial win! I won’t be so inclined to buy everything, because boy stuff just isn’t quite as cute as girl stuff. And, Jill has a vision and I think our little guy is gonna look smart and cute.

Otherwise, we announced our pregnancy on Facebook, which was fun! It feels official now. I also let the floodgates open at work, so most everyone knows or else will figure it out soon enough. We used the above photo which we quite enjoyed – Jill set up the shoes, and Manny joined in to make it a lot more fun/organic. He is our little helper 🙂 We keep telling (er, warning?) him that we are having a little pet human for him. We’ll see how that goes.

My ear infection is mostly gone, I still can’t hear all the way but close – my antibiotics finish off tomorrow, and I’m definitely back to feeling “just pregnant” and not sick and pregnant. This is a win! I still have a bit of fatigue/lethargy, but I have walked around Greenlake twice lately with no problem (but have slept 10-12 hours after!). I’m hoping with the first trimester ending this coming week, I’ll see that burst of energy I’m told about, and feel more like myself for a couple months. Even still, reflecting a bit on the first trimester, it’s been just fine. More on that next post!


One thought on “12 Weeks Pregnant (+um, 6 days…whoops)

  1. Jenn, thanks to you and Jill for sharing your experiences with us. It makes us seem a part. Mother asked me yesterday when the baby was due…..seemed to think it was a long time. I was thinking e would need a pair of jeans but seems like Jill has beat me to that. May have to go for camo. l love baby stuff so you will benefit if Susie doesn’t buy it all first.
    Do what the doctor says and we are paring for a heathy baby.
    Aunt Sandy

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