11 Weeks Pregnant! (+2 days)


It has been, or at least felt like, a long week. The highlight, however, was yesterday’s ultrasound where we got to see Babykins punching up a storm! It was a little shocking and surprising to me, I guess I just picture this peaceful slumber – but no, this baby is duking it out in there. Those white dots up near the head are fists! Jill was stunned too – we were both rather mesmerized. Babykins measured in at 11 weeks, 1 day – which is exactly perfect. Heartbeat was a strong and healthy 170 – also great news. The only bummer was the reason for the ultrasound, our NT Scan, was not possible as the baby measured 43mm, and they have to be 45mm. So- we get to have another one next Friday morning! We are not complaining :).  The ultrasound tech said “I wouldn’t worry about anything” which was reassuring…this test measures fluid on the baby’s neck folds, an indicator of issues like Down’s.

Meanwhile, I also did a bunch of blood work, and we did opt to get a cell-free DNA test which will give us strong probability of certain chromosomal conditions (like Down’s, Edward’s and Turner syndromes, etc.), as well as tell us the gender! Don’t get too excited – we are going to announce the gender at our wedding on 4/20 – so you’ll have to wait until then. (And yes, MIL Suzanne, this includes you :). We are excited to keep our little secret just for us for a while.

I am starting to feel like I’m showing. Looking down (my primary point of view) there is a discernable difference in the sticky-outedness of my belly. I feel just so full and firm, and laying on my belly is starting to feel like I’m laying on top of a melon or something. No one else can really tell, but I can, and Jill sees it too. Very exciting! Also good is that I’ve not gained any weight yet, and my clothes still fit (the jeans I live in happen to be very…forgiving…of size changes). It will happen soon though! We took a belly shot at 9 weeks, and are going to start weekly pics this weekend.

Meanwhile, I am still really, really sick. I feel like a horrible mother, and guilty, because as of Tuesday I broke down and took some drugs (off of the approved list, of course). This cold has been relentless – goopy, burning eyes, plugged ears, jaw and ear ache/pain, coughing, stuffed up nose, sore throat, headache. It has been less than awesome. I’ve imbibed in tylenol, decongestant, nasal spray and cough syrup. Yep, I went for it. I can’t imagine how great it will be to just feel a little crummy from being pregnant! Perspective! I’m on day 6 of being this sick, and my midwife warned it could be 3 weeks! Fortunately she said most turn a corner around 7-9 days. Fingers crossed. I have to go into work next week for 4 days of the week (I often work at home 2 or 3 days), and then week after next, I travel again! I must say though that I am grateful that I could work from home this past week, since I do not have a fever, I am sentient and it was nice to have a distraction (and not get behind at work).

Otherwise, I’m eating well and drinking lots of fluids and resting. I am far from exciting at the moment but figure the only way out is through!


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