Sick & a Little Scare :(

Being sick on top of being pregnant is just not nice. Feeling crummy from growing a baby is ok, I mean, you have a higher purpose going on there. But lob on regular illness and…boo. Let’s just say my appreciation for modern medicine has grown over the past few days as I’ve battled a horrible cold…drug-free. I no longer underestimate the impact of Advil Cold & Sinus. Or Nyquil. And while there are some drugs that are supposedly ok to take while pregnant, I’m really trying hard to not put anything like that into my system.

However, last night, I got a bit of a scare! I went to the bathroom and noticed a bit of blood. Everything is fine – not to worry, but I’ve not had even a hint of spotting or anything like that this whole pregnancy, so I immediately called my midwife, Michelle. She phoned me right back and was honest yet reassuring. She said it could be many things, and one of those things is the start of a miscarriage; however, she wanted to talk it out before we went too far down that path, especially since I wasn’t having any other symptoms (cramping, back pain, etc.).

Turns out, when you are pregnant, certain parts of you develop bigger, more sensitive blood vessels – namely your cervix and your nose. So she said many pregnant women get crazy nose bleeds, and some of that is caused from pressure. She asked “Have you been coughing a lot?” And, indeed, I had been coughing a good bit. Coughing can cause the enlarged blood vessels on the cervix to pop and release blood. We decided to chock the very light bleeding up to that, “Since we have a good reason, let’s go with that first. if you are miscarrying there is nothing we can do about it.” Good point, I thought. After that, no more blood since. I’ve been using cough drops and trying to cough as gently as possible.

It’s hard not to be fearful all the time, but being stressed is really bad for Babykins and I know that. Jill reminded me of that – worrying stresses the baby, so best to just be positive and trust that my body knows what it’s doing. And so does Babykins. 🙂


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