I feel a bump!

This early time is hard in a way. I find myself wondering if Babykins is ok a lot. While I’m tired, have pimples like when I was 16, and must eat every 2 hours – there is still something in me that wonders if everything is still progressing ok. I imagine some of that will subside when I can see that I’m pregnant, and eventually, feel the kicks and movement of the baby.

Last night I was laying on my side and as I rolled over, I put my hand on my belly and felt…a bump! A discernable, hard, rounded bump with a beginning and end. While I have felt a bit thicker and fuller in that region, this was the first time it felt like something – not bloat, or fat. Very exciting! We did take a ‘before’ picture last weekend, and plan on a weekly bump photo but so far there’s not much to show.

Now I’m counting down to Friday when we get another look at our wee one. I also ordered us a home Doppler, which will let us hear the baby’s heartbeat anytime we want! Most women find them reassuring until they can start feeling the kicks and movements, which I’ve got a ways to go to when that happens…and Jill has even longer until she will be able to feel anything, so the Doppler will be nice for her especially when I can feel things that she can’t yet.

While this has felt ‘real’ for a while now, it’s feeling more real every day!


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