10 Weeks Pregnant! (+3 days)


That’s a prune. I think they could’ve used a date or some other, prettier fruit. But that’s me. Baby is the size of a…prune.

Last week, I traveled for work for the first time since getting pregnant. It went well overall. On my way there, I was so tired/fatigued I ended up telling my boss’s boss that I was pregnant. He is super cool – and also he and his partner adopted a baby 2 years ago – so I knew he’d be way supportive. The rest of the trip was a lot of fun because he and I had a lot of talks about early childhood, many books he’d read and just general discussion. I realize right now, I am really more stuck in ‘pregnancy’ mode and have not even started thinking about what will happen with Babykins pops out. Well, not true, of course I have thought about it – but definitely not to a significant degree. I believe I have a reading list for Jill. 🙂 The more people I tell, the more advice I get. Most of it is good – some of it has been contrary to our plans, but I’m getting a good game face to smile and listen even when I know “we aren’t gonna do that…” because I guess you never know.

Babykins is double digits now – 10 weeks! All the organs are formed…and working. Teeth buds. Nails. Hair. And he or she is 1″ long! I am still suffering from fatigue but it’s not constant, and instead hits me when I least expect it. Last week was long, but unlike normal work trips, I did not join people for the late night hotel bar drinks, I went to bed. I was in Texas, so my eating was not pristine but I did ok overall. There was a lot of meat and salt involved. And maybe some candy.

I arrived home Friday night and the weekend has been a blur – I walked Greenlake Saturday morning, and since have been a slug. It seems I caught a cold on the flight, and have been feeling like a truck hit me. I miss modern medicine. I would love me a good’ole Advil Cold & Sinus. Alas, I settled for Jill massaging my headache away (which was very sweet of her), naps, resting, baths, lots of water, oranges, extra Vitamin C and Oil of Oregano, and more rest. My whole body aches, throat is sore and I seem to be moving on to coughing. Awesome.

Pregnancy symptoms have been ok though – some new ligament pain in my hips/pelvis, but that is apparently right on schedule. My sciatica in my right hip is definitely a lot more sensitive, and wearing heels aggravates it significantly – so I’m already wearing flats. Boo. I am determined not to get dumpy! I’ve been scolded once already by my sister Julie for “dressing for comfort.” So I think some cute flats are on the horizon.

We have our NT scan on Friday along with the Free-DNA test. These tests will give strong indicators of potential chromosomal issues. Fingers crossed for good results (we have to wait 2 weeks).  We’re excited to see the ultrasound and have another look at Babykins! We also have our next prenatal appointment with our midwife, so expect an update Friday!

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