Midwifery for the win!

What a difference we felt at the appointment Friday with the UW Midwives. Our midwife, Michelle, was kind and engaged from the get-go. She talked at a normal pace and was easy to understand. She didn’t want to mess with my thyroid drugs, respecting my endocrinologist who knows his stuff.  Unlike the OB, she actually examined me (physically) and checked to make sure my cervix was firm and closed so Babykins doesn’t tumble out. Otherwise she did a ‘well woman’ exam. No look at Babykins, but no need either – and too soon still to hear the heartbeat. I checked out all good! There are 5 midwives in the group, and we like that all of them are a little older with lots of experience. I’ve never been attached to “my doctor” delivering my baby – just so someone competent and kind is there to guide me through and catch the baby, I’m not worried.

The facility we will deliver at, Northwest Hospital, is pretty close to Jill’s coffee shop in Maple Leaf, and will take about 10-15 minutes to get to from our house. While farther than the one we initially preferred (which is 5 minutes away), there are many paths to get there, no bridges and generally we are not worried about traffic during labor. This hospital actually has more rooms with tubs, and 2 ‘shared’ tubs for the rooms without tubs, which are way better odds than the other place. And, overall, the whole set-up is similar and will be just fine. My world will be about this [—] big when I’m in labor, so I’m not that concerned with the accouterments, but I do know baths are relaxing for me and so glad about that. OB’s are on the floor 24×7, and, the surgical c-section rooms are in the same wing – so should I end up needing a c-section, I will not have to be wheeled all over hell’s half acre.

I feel so much better that this is settled and that we have a plan. We decided to do the new fancy genetic testing that apparently allows the doctor to see the baby’s blood via the mother’s blood – and so we are going to do that since it’s not invasive or particularly expensive. Because we used a sparkle-pony young egg and sperm, we aren’t too worried about things, since many chromosomal issues are age-related – but peace of mind is good. So, week 12 we get an NT ultrasound and blood work, then results come two weeks later. After that, we’ll do a ~20-week ultrasound to check for growth and make sure all Babykins’ parts are there, and then carry on toward a full-term birth!


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