9 Weeks Pregnant!


I have a fetus in me! Week 9 is when the placenta is formed and takes over a lot of the work of growing a baby, clinically speaking, Babykins has graduated from an embryo to a full-fledged fetus! Speaking of the placenta, I welcome it as an addition to my uterus it’s like having an assistant! Suddenly, I am not quite so tired, I don’t feel nauseated at all and the headaches I was getting seem way less frequent. I feel a little more like…me. Go placenta go! Work it girl.

This week we had an initial OB appointment with a doctor who delivers at the hospital we’d most like to deliver, Swedish Ballard. We liked him just fine, but we are going to still meet with the Midwives at Northwest Hospital tomorrow. While I feel like there is no doubt this guy can do the job – he didn’t seem like a drug pusher, or like someone who was a fan of lots of interventions – he’s still coming at it from an OB perspective, and I’m just a bit more midwifery minded. Jill doesn’t care which route we go so long as I give birth in a hospital, and that we both feel the caregiver is competent and kind. Mostly I just want to do the due diligence and feel like we had all the information to make a good decision. Either way, we will have a baby in the end!

We did get another brief glimpse of Babykins during the appointment yesterday on a little rolling ultrasound machine. The heartbeat was not yet audible via doppler, but that is not abnormal at 9 weeks – so we got to see the heartbeat, and he pointed out the head, butt and little dots that are the start of limbs. It is amazing how much Babykins is already looking like a teeny tiny wee human. Or gummy bear. Whichever.

Now that I’m feeling better, I feel like I am allowed/able to think about things other than Babykins. This is good – I don’t want to mentally smother my baby, and I do have a full time job to do, plus other interests, etc. Additionally, Jill and I are getting married! Now that it is legal in our fair state of Washington, we are going to officially tie the knot in April. We are also planning a honeymoon before the wedding in late March (why not? I mean, we got pregnant before wedding…why not honeymoon before it…). Jill is opening a 3rd business in June. I am due in August. There is a lot on our plate, but it’s weird how it all just feels so manageable in a strange way. I guess growing a baby trumps everything else for me, and the rest of the big stuff feels, well, not as big. And that is good! I’m not worried or stressed out about any of it.

I’m going on my first work trip since I got pregnant, leaving on Sunday. I thought I’d be a lot more freaked out, but I’m not. I think since I’m feeling normal again, it feels like traveling is no big deal. We’ll see how it goes! I do feel bad, however, that Babykins’ first big trip is to…Texas. Sorry baby.


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