Ultrasound #2!


I love me a good, old-fashioned ultrasound. Well, it’s not really old-fashioned, is it? Jill’s mom told me today she never once had one with Jill. She added “we didn’t even know we were pregnant until 6 weeks along or more…” And here I am. I got a positive when I was less than 3 weeks pregnant – exactly 6 days after the IVF transfer. They waited 6 weeks, I had to wait 6 days.

You can see the big difference in Babykins since the first ultrasound! From a wispy piece of rice (6 weeks, on the left) to what Jill thinks looks like a “little cat”…of course she would think that – 8 weeks along on the right. The whole world would be a cat if it was up to Jill. In any case, actual size is akin to a gummy bear.

There is no better feeling than the feeling I have all day after an ultrasound. I don’t worry. Not one bit. But the “high” wears off and over time, my worries creep in. I try to stay off the internet and message boards highlighting stories of women who’ve had miscarriages at this stage. I’m sure to want another ‘fix’ before it will be scheduled. But per my last post, I am focused on a low-stress, worry-free (ish) pregnancy. So, onward!

Today we learned that Babykins is doing his/her thing in there, showing appropriate fetal growth measuring in at 8 weeks, 1 day in size – which is exactly what I am 8w1d – and showing off a heartbeat of 165. The doctor kindly lead with “And, there is the heartbeat!” – I thanked her and she said “I do try to start with that.” It was clear as a bell! Amazing, really, to see this fast little flashing dot among the gray, black and white of the ultrasound screen.

So now we are officially ‘released’ to our prenatal care provider – either an OB or a midwife, and we are still working out who we will go with. We have two appointments this coming week. However, today we did do a tour of our preferred hospital, Ballard Swedish, and we really want to deliver there. If we do, we’ll have to go the OB route which is not our preference. We meet with the OB there on Wednesday and perhaps we’ll just love him. The other place we are looking at is Northwest Hospital which has a group of midwives, and we meet them next Friday. We should be signed up with one or the other soon enough!


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