8 Weeks Pregnant!


I am two months pregnant. It seems like so little time, but yet it seems like time is flying. I am not showing yet and at times, I forget I’m pregnant! I feel bad when this happens, like I’m already neglecting my child in order to focus on my own interests. But, one of my books talks about how in early pregnancy, it’s a sort of ‘luxury’ to take a mental break from being pregnant. When I read it a while ago it sounded weird to me; now that I am here, it makes sense.

For a few weeks, all I could think about was the baby. I’ve worked hard not to be stressed, even though life and work have doled out some stress in the past couple weeks, because it actually hurts the baby to stress. In that same category I put worry – while sometimes I worry – reading about “missed miscarriages” where the baby dies but there is no outward sign of change – I also realize worrying won’t stop that from happening. Moms being overly stressed during pregnancy has proven to cause some serious long-term effects – from low birth weight to cognitive and language skill issues that still show up as late as 8 years old (in cases of severe traumas, like 9/11, during pregnancy). One of the reasons I preferred pregnancy of a donor baby to that of adoption was to have the opportunity to mitigate issues like this.  So my approach is to believe at all times that Babykins is doing great in there, trust that my efforts to eat healthy, take my supplements, get rest, exercise and try to keep my stress level low are all helping our little one kick ass in there.

Otherwise, I’m obsessed with satsumas. I’m limiting myself to three or less of these delicious little oranges. It’s been a great snack for me and an excellent shift from eating too many ‘white carbs.’ I am aware of the sugar, but try to balance that with some nuts or protein – still – they are a nice portion size and yummy. What’s funny is I don’t really ever eat fruit…this is definitely Babykins making his or her desires known.

In other news, we are going to get married! That’s right, our lesbian shotgun wedding is coming to a venue near you. Having been together now over 6 years, co-habitating for over 5, and being “domestic partnered” for most of that time, we decided to get married now that it is legal in our state. It will be in April when I’ll be around 21 weeks. Jill has some business stuff coming up in June, and Babykins is due end of August – so April seemed a time when we could do it without running into other big life stuff, and also during the 2nd trimester when I am told I will feel amazing. 🙂 We’re excited! We plan a small, private ceremony followed up by a bigger reception/party! I think this has distracted me from Babykins-obsessing a little, and Jill said “Good honey, maybe Babykins needed a little break too…”  She knows me well.


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