Bring it on, Babykins!

Ok, I’ve been pretty excited to not have any morning sickness. I’ve been feeling lucky, blessed, fortunate – you name it. However, I believe the time has come that my state of denial should be exposed to those outside of my nauseated, barfy, headachey, gross-feeling, crampy, icky body.

My name is Jenn, and I have morning sickness.

Fine, then. Bring it on Babykins, I will barf for you. Honestly – it’s not that bad, I feel barfy a few times a day now, for reasonably short periods of time – usually in the afternoon and evenings, but not the morning…oddly enough. And, I don’t actually barf.  The bummer is that the best remedy is to eat something, and if I eat something every time I will weigh 300 pounds soon. So I’m committing to try to eat only good things. But it’s hard, because carbs are sooooo  appealing/tummy settling. Alas, I am trying to switch to oranges or nuts.

I don’t like it, but I guess it’s tangible feedback that Babykins is growing and sending out the hormones to my body to provide appropriate support for his/her growth and well-being. It is rather amazing what a little blueberry sized embryo can do to your big adult body!


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