7 Weeks Pregnant!


I had someone  who didn’t even know I am pregnant tell me I looked like I was glowing. Another friend who does know said the same, with hesitation, because saying such things is not her style. One of Jill’s customers said “look at you! you are just so clearly pregnant.” Apparently, I’m wearing it well. I do feel pretty lucky and excited and amazed at this whole process.

Today I am 7 weeks along, just 33 to go. Babykins is the size of a blueberry, and is still making me just uncomfortable enough to know he’s starting to stretch out a little bit and make some room for himself. I still am getting a little crampy here and there, am super tired at times, need to eat *now* (this occurs anytime, day or night…). These are not big  problems at all! Just observations of what is happening. Overall, I’m feeling pretty good other than the fatigue, and if I just stay low-key, I’m still functional.

Next Friday is our second ultrasound, and after that, we will be done with the fertility doctor.  We are going to talk to two different care providers to provide my prenatal care and deliver the baby. I was rejected by the midwives at the nearby hospital as they do not take anyone who has had weight loss surgery – I cannot understand why this is. I was really sad as they had a cool program and it’s really close to home (Ballard). I never envisioned going to an OB – a midwife with a hospital delivery is my ideal. I called around an no other midwives had a problem with my lapband, so I made an appointment with a midwifery group a little further away, but still realtively close and easy to get to (Northgate).  We are also going to meet with the OB at Ballard, who leans more toward a midwifery care model…supposedly…because I love being 3 minutes from the hospital. I fear a lot of interventions and ending up with a totally unncessary c-section going with an OB though. Not to be dramatic, but it happens. So, we are going to talk to both and see which one feels right!

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