Houston, We Have a Heartbeat!


The first time you see your baby’s heartbeat is a pretty special moment. I was overwhelmed, instantly, when I saw the little rhythmic flutter on the ultrasound screen at our appointment yesterday. It happened fast too – Jill thought we’d have to hunt for it but there it was – bam!  Since we opted for an early ultrasound (6w1d), the doctor explained that it may be too early to see or count the heartbeat, but luckily Babykins is on his/her game and got the party started! Good Babykins!! The count was around  111 beats per minute, but she said it was probably faster than that, just really hard to count so early! For 6w1d, we are spot on with measurements and all was proven to be well.  Luckily, they were willing to let us come in 5 days earlier than we had scheduled. I guess I was having a bit of anxiety and just wanted to know it was all going ok in there.  Jill wasn’t worried, and I appreciate her constant confidence in this baby to do it’s thing and be born full-term and healthy.

The appointment lasted maybe 15 minutes but it was all I could think about all day afterwards.  We got 3 printed photos and a book on pregnancy/childbirth and we were on our way.  In two weeks we go back for a second ultrasound to confirm growth is on track, then we are “released” to go on to a regular baby doctor or midwife, as at that point, I am no longer in need of infertility services!
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