5 Weeks Pregnant!


Today I am officially 5 weeks pregnant and Babykins is the size of an appleseed. On Christmas eve, I was making applesauce and thought of this fact and stopped to snap this photo. So little! This is a big week, as the heart starts beating soon and the neural tube will start changing into the brain and spinal column. (Yes, I’m taking my folic acid 🙂 While baby is busy at those tasks, I get the pleasure of fatigue, sore boobs, and potentially food aversions, nausea and excess saliva!  In 13 days (but whose counting?) we have our first ultrasound!

In a minor fit of worry, I called my fertility clinic to ask for a 3rd beta blood test. I don’t know, maybe I’m getting used to being crushingly tired and to my boobs hurting in a way I didn’t know was possible – but I don’t feel a whole lot going on. I wanted a number.  My beta was 1940 today – doubling every 51 hours which is ‘right in there’ for this stage of pregnancy. Thanks for that, modern medicine. I will sleep better tonight.

I also had a few appointments today. First I saw my lapband doctor and we decided not to unfill my band. He said when he has, those patients have gained crazy amounts of weight. Unless I end up suffering from severe nausea, I’m keeping it as is. Second, I visited a naturopath who gave me the run down and mostly found I am doing the right things in terms of supplements and food. A few tweaks here and there is all. And, she said, “Oh, you’re craving red meat? There are many traditions that say it means it’s a boy.” Well, we already thought that. 🙂


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