Babykins’ first Paseo


So on Friday I decided that any good baby will have some Paseo Cuban Roast Sandwich in their DNA. So, for lunch I had a 1/2 of the best sandwich in America and left the other half for Jill. Which, if you know this sandwich, displays what a generous a person I am. I also had some black beans for iron and fiber and because they are really, really good.

Eating has been fine so far. However, removal of caffeine is causing me more strife than any poppyseed-sized embryo could at this point. I’ve successfully dumbed-down to double-short decaf Americanos once, sometimes twice, a day. While caffeine won’t kill me (or, Babykins), it will raise my blood pressure and heart rate, and I’d think a poppyseed would notice that. So, from the day of embryo transfer on, I quit cold turkey. I spent the first week feeling horrible and still feel some residual tiredness, but I’m glad I’m off the sauce.

I’m tracking what I eat and aiming to stay at my usual “diet” level caloric intake. I’m trying to keep my weight gain minimal – being that I’m not a skinny minny, I really could gain a mere 10-20lbs total and Babykins would be just fine. That may not be totally realistic, but I’m going to try! Mainly right now I’m thinking about nutrients and eating to cravings – which so far has manifested as more red meat and drinking a lot more water. I take flax seed to bathe Babykins’ brain in omega-3’s, and of course pre-natal vitamins (plus a bumper of Vitamin D and B12), and my thyroid pills. Plus, estrogen patches and progesterone. There is a lot to think about already.

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