Here we go!


Today was my second beta test – the fancy version of a pregnancy test that measures the hcg hormone in your blood. Mine went from 180 on Thursday to 387 today – a great rise. It will continue to get higher until later in pregnancy when it drops down. During that time, it could leave me with some morning sickness…but it’s doing great work protecting and nourishing Babykins. So, that’s cool. I am ok to puke for our kid, but I’m hoping not to.

Our due date is August 29, 2013. A million years away now but it will go fast I think. Right now I am 4 weeks and 2 days pregnant. So why are you here? How do you know this precious information so early? Why did we break the 13-week rule? Several reasons actually. First, we want as much good energy flowing Babykins’ way as possible, as soon as possible. (Please send love now). Second, should something bad happen, we want to know our friends and people around us ‘get it’ – that you were connected to our experience and can understand our loss. We want it to be real for us, and that means making it real for the people in our lives. So, risky? Sure. But we’re good with the risk. You’re worth it :).

So, welcome to our blog!

p.s. We both think it’s a boy.

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